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Health-Related Quality of Life Profiles in Dialyzed Patients With Varying Health Literacy. A Cross-Sectional Study on Slovak Haemodialyzed Population

Psychometric Analysis of the Czech Version of the Toronto Empathy Questionnaire

The Association of Family-Related Adversity With Fighting in Adolescents: Does Hopelessness Mediate This Association?

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Occurrence of Psychosomatic Symptoms: Are They Related?

Using photos of basic facial expressions as a new approach to measuring implicit attitudes

A renewed call for transdisciplinary action on NCDs

Access to cancer medicines in public hospitals in Mexico: The view of stakeholders

Adolescent Enrollment in Psychosocial Care: Do Parents Make a Difference?

Adolescents exposed to discrimination: are they more prone to excessive internet use?

Anxiety and Avoidance in Adults and Childhood Trauma Are Associated with Negative Religious Coping

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