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Practical matters How to find us dr. J.P.R. (Jean-Pierre) Thomassen

dr. J.P.R. (Jean-Pierre) Thomassen



1974-1981:     Atheneum B, Maastricht

1982-1983:     Military service (sergeant)

1983-1987:     Hotelschool The Hague (graduated)

1987-1991:     Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Business Economy (Graduated)

2009-2018:     Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Phd Thesis on Service Guarantees (defended February 2018)


For my thesis I used a number of methodologies: Delphi study, focus groups, concept mapping, in-depth interviews, grounded theory, vignette studies and statistical analysis (mainly ANOVA’s)


Consultancy experience:

1991-1992:     Employee quality management and customer loyalty at ABN-AMRO Bank The Hague

1991-2001:     Founder and managing partner of a consultancy firm specialized in service management (TQM Consult, later MSR Consulting Group). MSR Consulting Group was founded by prof. Jaques Horovitz respnsible for marketing at Club Med.

2001-2007:     Continued as an independent consultant (TQM Consult).

2007-2013:     Worked for TNO Management Consultants as a senior consultant.

2014-2020:     Independent consultant ( Consult).


For appr. 30 years I am working as a consultant with customers on customer centricity related issues like:

  • Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Developing a vision on customers and customer centeredness
  • Developing and implementing service guarantees
  • Analysing and improving customer journeys
  • Optimization of complaint management and use of customer reviews
  • Improving customer centered culture and making HR-instruments support this culture


As a consultant I worked for several industries.


Teaching experience:

  • Intermediair Trainingen: provided training on customer centeredness for 5 years (2-4 times a year)
  • Business School Nederland: provided training on defensive marketing for 10 years (2-3 times a year)
  • School for Customer Management: lectures on customer delight and service excellence once a year
  • Beeckestijn Business School: for 4 years core teacher for a post-hbo course on Service Excellence. Beside providing some of the lectures also individually coaching of students with their personal assignment.
  • Hotelschool The Hague: course on Service Excellence Audit starting in 2019.
  • RUG: since September 2018: part time marketing lecturer



  • I was for 8 years member of the supervisory board of Van Houtum Papier; large paper manufacturer in Swalmen (portfolio responsibility: marketing)
  • Delivering outstanding customer experiences through service excellence. I participated in 2013-2015 for The Netherlands in a European task force headed by Prof. Matthias Gouthier to develop this European CEN/TS 16880 guideline.


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