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Capturing licence plates: police-citizen interaction apps from an EU data protection perspective

Safeguarding Privacy by Regulating the Processing of Personal Data – An EU Illusion?

GDPR: Will we get back control of our data?

Retention of data in the new Anti-money Laundering Directive—‘need to know’ versus ‘nice to know’

Surveillance with non-purpose built technology: Challenges for the protection of the right to privacy in the European Union

Privacy Issues in the Use of Smart Meters—Law Enforcement Use of Smart Meter Data

Privacy, surveillance, and the proportionality principle: The need for a method of assessing privacy implications of technologies used for surveillance

Smart meters as non-purpose built surveillance tools

Invalidation of the data retention directive - Extending the proportionality test

Invalidation of the Data Retention Directive - Extending the proportionality test

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