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dr. J.M.E. Huisman

Universitair Docent

Bachelor Sociology

Statistics 1 [SOBA105C]: Descriptive statistics and introduction to statistical inference. Coordination

Statistics 2 [SOBA108A]: Topics in statistical inference, linear (multiple) regression analysis, analysis of variance (to assess model fit), logistic regression, ordinal logistic regression.

Statistics 3 [SOBA114]: Multiple regression, analysis of variance (for the comparison of groups; one-way and two-way, ANCOVA), model building (selection, assumptions, outliers), mediation, moderation.

Advanced Statistics [SOBA323]: Applying regression models (linear and logistic), path analysis, multilevel modeling.

Research Master

Structural Equation Modeling [GMMSGE06]: Introduction to structural equation models, path analysis and confirmatory and exploratory factor analysis, causal models.

Coordination of Seminar General Statistics: Introduction to various relatively new or specialized statistical methods, with a focus on application.

Program seminars 2019-2020

Date Time Room Topic
16 Oct. 2019 12-13 B.0126 Loglinear models
18 Nov. 2019 12-13 M.0061 (Mis)interpreting Cronbach's alpha
19 Dec. 2019 10-11 M.0074 Machine learning and data mining
22 Jan. 2020 11-12 M.0061 Cluster analysis
19 Feb. 2020 10-11 M.0061 Differential item functioning (DIF)
18 Mar. 2020 10-11 B.0126 Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)
15 Apr. 2020 14-15 M.0061 Cox proportional hazards regression
20 May 2020 14-15 M.0061 Data visualization in R

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Contact information

Grote Rozenstraat 31
9712 TG Groningen
The Netherlands


Working hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9.00-17.30