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A novel strategy model approach for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Model order reduction for the 1D Boltzmann-BGK equation: identifying intrinsic variables using neural networks

Moment models for neutral particles in high-collisional regimes for plasma edge simulations

The Fredholm alternative with application to the derivation of Hilbert expansion based fluid models for plasma edge modelling

A Flux Reconstruction Stochastic Galerkin Scheme for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Distorted or high-fidelity dataset for data augmentation in Graph Neural Networks?: Improving pressure estimation in Water Distribution Systems

Hierarchical micro-macro acceleration for moment models of kinetic equations

Hilbert expansion based fluid models for kinetic equations describing neutral particles in the plasma edge of a fusion device

Equilibrium stability analysis of hyperbolic shallow water moment equations

On the mitigation of cancellation errors in hybrid fluid-kinetic methods for solving kinetic equations describing neutrals in the plasma edge

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