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Failure to repair endogenous DNA damage in β-cells causes adult-onset diabetes in mice

Hyperglycaemia, pregnancy outcomes and maternal metabolic disease risk during pregnancy and lactation in a lean gestational diabetes mouse model

The chemotherapeutic drug doxorubicin does not exacerbate p16Ink4a-positive senescent cell accumulation and cardiometabolic disease development in young adult female LDLR-deficient mice

Autocrine FGF1 signaling promotes glucose uptake in adipocytes

Age-related susceptibility to insulin resistance arises from a combination of CPT1B decline and lipid overload

Corrigendum to "NF-κB p65 serine 467 phosphorylation sensitizes mice to weight gain and TNFα-or diet-induced inflammation" [Biochim. Biophys. Acta Mol. Cell Res., 1864 (2017): 1785-1798]

Increased insulin sensitivity and diminished pancreatic beta-cell function in DNA repair deficient Ercc1(d/-) mice

Short-term protein restriction at advanced age stimulates FGF21 signalling, energy expenditure and browning of white adipose tissue

AAV8-mediated gene transfer of microRNA-132 improves beta cell function in mice fed a high-fat diet

Identification of the fructose transporter GLUT5 (SLC2A5) as a novel target of nuclear receptor LXR

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