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The intrapersonal level: The moral self

Reaching the Top but not Feeling on Top of the World: Examining Women’s Internalized Power Threats

Antecedents of leaders' power sharing: The roles of power instability and distrust

Constraining temptation: How specific and general rules mitigate the effect of personal gain on unethical behavior

The Dark Side of Relational Leadership: Positive and Negative Reciprocity as Fundamental Drivers of Follower's Intended Pro-leader and Pro-self Unethical Behavior

Intense Self-Regulatory Effort Increases Need for Conservation and Reduces Attractiveness of Energy-Requiring Rewards

The Hazard of Teetering at the Top and Being Tied to the Bottom: The Interactive Relationship of Power, Stability, and Social Dominance Orientation with Work Stress

Reaching the top and avoiding the bottom: How ranking motivates unethical intentions and behavior

The pipeline project: Pre-publication independent replications of a single laboratory's research pipeline

Forgive them for I have sinned: The relationship between guilt and forgiveness of others’ transgressions

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