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More than moral motivations: The moderating role of human capabilities on the relationship between personal norms and pro-environmental behavior

The effectiveness of normative messages to decrease meat consumption: The superiority of dynamic normative messages framed as a loss

The Personalization Paradox in Facebook Advertising: The Mediating Effect of Relevance on the Personalization–Brand Attitude Relationship and the Moderating Effect of Intrusiveness

Challenging the Status Quo through Social Influence: Changes in Sustainable Consumption through the Influence of Social Networks

How I See Me-A Meta-Analysis Investigating the Association Between Identities and Pro-environmental Behaviour

Listen to others or yourself? The role of personal norms on the effectiveness of social norm interventions to change pro-environmental behavior

How do I see myself? A systematic review of identities in pro-environmental behaviour research

Social Influence, Risk and Benefit Perceptions, and the Acceptability of Risky Energy Technologies: An Explanatory Model of Nuclear Power Versus Shale Gas

The Relationship Between Sociodemographics and Environmental Values Across Seven European Countries

Environmental psychology: An introduction, Second Edition

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