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Predictors of persistence of anxiety disorders across the lifespan: A systematic review

Stability of chronotype over a 7-year follow-up period and its association with severity of depressive and anxiety symptoms

The long-term course of anxiety disorders: An epidemiological perspective

Anxiety sensitivity, its stability and longitudinal association with severity of anxiety symptoms

Differential associations of locus of control with anxiety, depression and life-events: A five-wave, nine-year study to test stability and change

Low stability of diagnostic classifications of anxiety disorders over time: A six-year follow-up of the NESDA study

Revertants of the amylose-free (amf) potato clone 86.040 (2n=1x=12)

Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of an amylose-free starch mutant of the potato

Cytological studies on adventitious shoots and minitubers of a monoploid potato clone

Rapid estimation of the amylose/amylopectin ratio in small amounts of tuber and leaf tissue of the potato

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