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Bio-organic soil amendment promotes the suppression of Ralstonia solanacearum by inducing changes in the functionality and composition of rhizosphere bacterial communities

Coenzyme A precursors flow from mother to zygote and from microbiome to host

Gut-microbiome composition in response to phenylketonuria depends on dietary phenylalanine in BTBR Pahenu2 mice

Gut microbiota of homing pigeons shows summer-winter variation under constant diet indicating a substantial effect of temperature

Health of the black soldier fly and house fly under mass-rearing conditions: innate immunity and the role of the microbiome

Houseflies harbor less diverse microbiota under laboratory conditions but maintain a consistent set of host-associated bacteria

Microbiome composition is shaped by geography and population structure in the parasitic wasp Asobara japonica , but not in the presence of the endosymbiont Wolbachia

Microbiome Heritability and Its Role in Adaptation of Hosts to Novel Resources

More persistent bacterial than fungal associations in the microbiota of a pest insect

Temporal dynamics of the soil bacterial community following Bacillus invasion

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Overlooked: The role of bacterial viruses in plant health

Balancing behavior and the microbiome: Meet Els van der Goot