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J. (Joana) Falcao Salles, Prof

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Gratama Foundation Grant. Microbial processes in the Salt marshes of Schiermonnikogg: the basis for a sustainable development. 2014

NWO-Biobased Economy. Microbial Consortia for Biowaste Management – Life Cycle analysis of novel strategies of bioconversion (MICROWSTE). 2014-2017

EU-MC ITN. Training for functional soil microorganism biodiversity, TRAINBIODIVERSE. 2012-2016

Chinese Academy Council Scholarship. Plant-microbial interactions along a primary succession of chronosequence in a salt marsh ecosystem. 2013-2017

NWO/University of Groningen Ubbo Emmius scholarship. Microbial succession in salt marsh: the ecological and functional properties of communities. 2012 - 2016

NWO-BE Basic. Metagenomic mining of enzymes involved in lignocellulose breakdown – tool development, application and valorization. 2012-2016


NWO-ALW VICI Grant to R. Etienne. On the origin of species assemblages. 2014

NWO-ALW VIDI Grant to B. I. Tieleman. The impact of environment on avian immunity: ecology and evolution of the match between microbial communities and antimicrobial defences. 2010

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