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Association of periodontitis with markers of immunologic and haemostatic state in people living with HIV

Beware overestimation of thrombosis in ICU: Mortality is not the only competing risk!

Risk of recurrence after transient inflammation-associated venous thromboembolism: similar to provoked, unprovoked or in-between?

Incidence of a first venous thrombotic event in people with HIV in the Netherlands: a retrospective cohort study

Risk of Recurrent Venous Thromboembolism in Autoimmune Diseases: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Risk of Venous Thrombosis in Antithrombin Deficiency: A Systematic Review and Bayesian Meta-analysis

Reduced chance of hearing loss associated with Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Aminoglycosides in the treatment of Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis

Venous thrombotic events in patients admitted to a tuberculosis centre

A milder clinical course for severe hemophilia B: A true or biased effect?

Incidence of Thrombotic Events in Patients Admitted to a Dedicated Tuberculosis Center in the Netherlands

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