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Aanpassingen van trekvogels aan een snel veranderende wereld

Mismatch-induced growth reductions in a clade of Arctic-breeding shorebirds are rarely mitigated by increasing temperatures

Sulfur in lucinid bivalves inhibits intake rates of a molluscivore shorebird

Exploring the drivers of variation in trophic mismatches: A systematic review of long-term avian studies

The interactive role of predation, competition and habitat conditions in structuring an intertidal bivalve population

Density-dependent growth of bivalves dominating the intertidal zone of Banc d’Arguin, Mauritania: Importance of feeding mode, habitat and season

Individual diet differences in a molluscivore shorebird are associated with the size of body instruments for internal processing rather than for feeding

Morphological and digestive adjustments buffer performance: How staging shorebirds cope with severe food declines

Publisher correction: Resource landscapes explain contrasting patterns of aggregation and site fidelity by red knots at two wintering sites

A facultative mutualistic feedback enhances the stability of tropical intertidal seagrass beds

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Uitval in de wetenschap na de inval van de Russen

Muggen zijn nu de kanoeten te vlug af

Langere staarten, grotere snavels: dieren veranderen van vorm als gevolg van klimaatopwarming

Kanoet is kanarie in de kolenmijn en leert ons over klimaatverandering

Vogels Dwingelderveld langere vleugels door klimaatverandering

Shrinking shorebird pays the bill for rapid Arctic warming while wintering in the tropics

A price worth paying

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