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Acquired bleeding disorders

Bleeding and thrombosis in cirrhosis.

Controlled DCD Liver Transplantation Is not Associated With Increased Hyper-fibrinolysis and Blood Loss After Graft Reperfusion

Donor genetic variants as risk factors for thrombosis after liver transplantation: A genome-wide association study

Elevated factor V activity and antigen levels in patients with Covid-19 are related to disease severity and 30-day mortality

Global hemostatic status in patients with acute-on-chronic liver failure and septics without underlying liver disease

Histological Analysis of Donor Lung Derived Thrombi

Oxygen Transport during Ex Situ Machine Perfusion of Donor Livers Using Red Blood Cells or Artificial Oxygen Carriers

Prothrombotic changes in patients with COVID-19 are associated with disease severity and mortality

The concept of rebalanced hemostasis in patients with liver disease: Communication from the ISTH SSC working group on hemostatic management of patients with liver disease

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