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Abnormal fibrinolysis identified by viscoelastic tests in relation to clinical outcomes: Last call to harmonize criteria for future studies on promising associations

Anticoagulation to prevent disease progression in patients with cirrhosis

Antithrombotic Management in Adult Kidney Transplantation: A European Survey Study

Bleeding and Thrombosis in Patients With Cirrhosis: What's New?

Clinically relevant increases in the international normalized ratio and model of end-stage liver disease score by therapeutic doses of direct oral anticoagulants in patients with cirrhosis

Congruent identification of imbalanced fibrinolysis by 2 distinct clot lysis time assays

Enhanced in vivo and ex vivo thrombin generation after lower-leg trauma, but not after knee arthroscopy

Fibrin clot properties and thrombus composition in cirrhosis

Fluctuations in thyroid hormone levels during initial treatment for differentiated thyroid carcinoma are associated with changes in hemostasis: a prospective cohort study

In vivo generation of thrombin in patients with liver disease without apparent evidence of activation of the intrinsic or extrinsic pathway of coagulation

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Poortadertrombose is niet altijd een bloedstolsel

Poortadertrombose heel ander ziektebeeld dan beentrombose