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Accessing, evaluating and engaging with news.: The value of a user-centric approach for rethinking media literacy.

Advancing a Radical Audience Turn in Journalism: Fundamental Dilemmas for Journalism Studies

Advancing the Audience Turn in Journalism

Do novel routines stick after the pandemic?: The formation of news habits during COVID-19

Met het hoofd of met de buik?: Tactieken van jongeren om te bepalen of politiek nieuws ‘betrouwbaar genoeg’ is

The Trust Gap: Young People's Tactics for Assessing the Reliability of Political News

Experiencing algorithms: How Young People Understand, Feel About, and Engage With Algorithmic News Selection on Social Media

Tactics of news literacy: How young people access, evaluate, and engage with news on social media

Opgroeien met media: Digitale geletterdheid en mediawijsheid bij kinderen

Sharing and Discussing News in Private Social Media Groups: The social function of news and current affairs in location-based, work-oriented and leisure-focused communities

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