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I. (Iris) Uffen, MSc

PhD Student

Lesson Study in the Netherlands

International research shows that Lesson Study (LS) enhances professional dialogue between teachers and lesson quality. However, within the Dutch context, LS research is still in its early stages. Although evidence points to LS’s effectiveness, we do not know how the learning processes during LS exactly work, and how facilitation can contribute to these processes. This research therefore focuses on the following questions:
1. How does LS contribute to the quality of teachers' work in the Dutch context?
2. How do teachers learn during LS?
3. How does facilitation contribute to the LS process?

By obtaining detailed information from participants of LS - the individual LS team members, their facilitators and students - this research contributes to the optimization of LS for teacher and student learning.

Last modified:26 February 2024 07.46 a.m.