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H.O. (Hannah) Malone, PhD

Assistant Professor in Contemporary History
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Book projects

My work uses at architecture as a window onto history and memory. In particular, I examine specific types of buildings that were created to serve political purposes and to mould public perceptions of the past.

Architecture, Death, and Nationhood: Monumental Cemeteries of Nineteenth-Century Italy (Routledge, 2017).

My first book explores the vast and monumental cemeteries of nineteenth-century Italy as a portrait of a nation at the moment of its emergence.

Fascist Italy, the First World War, and the memory of fallen soldiers (submitted)

My second book uncovers why, in 1930s Italy, Benito Mussolini re-buried within new massive ossuaries the bodies of hundreds of thousands of fallen soldiers who had died in the First World War. 

The afterlife of Italy's Fascist Party Headquarters: 1945 to today (in preparation)

In my latest book project, I look at what happened to the architecture created by Italy's Fascist dictatorship after the regime fell in 1945. This is an opportunity to investigate how societies deal with a difficult heritage, or a physical reminders of a problematic and divisive past.  

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