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Practical matters How to find us dr. H.J. (Joost) van de Brake

dr. H.J. (Joost) van de Brake

Assistant professor
dr. H.J. (Joost) van de Brake
+31 6 4571 4392 (0645714392)

Joost van de Brake

University of Groningen
Faculty of Economics and Business, Department of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior
Nettelbosje 2, 9747 AE, Groningen, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 0645714392


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Van de Brake, H.J., Walter, F., Rink, F.A., Essens, P. & Van der Vegt, G. S. (2020). Multiple Team Membership and Individual Performance: The Role of Information-Sharing Networks. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.

van de Brake, H. J., Walter, F., Rink, F. A., Essens, P. J., & van der Vegt, G. S. (2019). Benefits and disadvantages of individuals’ multiple team membership: the moderating role of organizational tenure. Journal of Management Studies.

Regt, G., Molleman, E., & van de Brake, H. J. (2019). The impact of leader‒member exchange on follower performance in light of the larger social network. Human Relations.

van de Brake, H. J., Walter, F., Rink, F. A., Essens, P. J., & van der Vegt, G. S.(2018). The dynamic relationship between multiple team membership and individual job performance in knowledge-intensive work. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

van de Brake, H. J., Grow, A., & Dijkstra, J. K. (2017). Status inconsistency in groups: How discrepancies between instrumental and expressive status result in symptoms of stress. Social Science Research.

van de Brake, H. J., Walter, F., Rink, F.A., Van der Vegt., G.S., & Essens, P.J.M.D. (2017). Is multiple team membership a challenge or a hindrance for individual employees? Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.


PhD Organizational Behavior, 2019
University of Groningen
Thesis: Individual employees' multiple team membership: a double-edged sword

MSc Organizational Sociology, 2013
University of Groningen (summa cum laude)

BSc Sociology, 2012
University of Groningen (cum laude)

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