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dr. H.J.E. (Hedy) Greijdanus

Assistant professor
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+31 6 3198 4870 (mobile)
+31 50 36 36386 (secretariat social psychology)
Bachelor theses psychology:


From Moderate Action to Radical Protest Intentions: Disentangling Social-Identity-Based Models Predicting Political Violence

Gendered Self-Views across 62 Countries: A Test of Competing Models

Humour Against Binge Drinking During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cartoon-Based Anti-Alcohol Health Campaign Targeting Women-Who-Have-Sex-With-Women

The psychology of online activism and social movements: Relations between online and offline collective action

Sociale media en collectieve actie rondom de gasboringen in Groningen


Psychometric Properties and Correlates of Precarious Manhood Beliefs in 62 Nations

Country-level and Individual-level Predictors of Men's Support for Gender Equality in 42 Countries

The polarizing effects of group discussion in a negative normative context: Integrating societal‐, group‐, and individual‐level factors

Een Kwalitatieve Verkenning naar Sociale Innovatie: Verschillende Perspectieven op Empowerment, Sociale Cohesie en Samenwerking

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I am an activist, I am Spartacus: when everyone is an activist online, is anyone?

When everyone is an activist online, is anyone?

Young women are using Instagram to fight for the future of the planet

HP/De Tijd - Lak aan de coronaregels: er is altijd wel een manier om een feestje te vieren

A social media 'blackout' enthralled Instagram. But did it do anything?

In het hoofd van de dreigbriefschrijver over windmolens

Sociale media hebben praktijk collectieve actie sterk veranderd

Interview blogger "Welke kast?"

Interview OOG TV Radio Glasnost Noorderzon

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