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Complement Is Activated During Normothermic Machine Perfusion of Porcine and Human Discarded Kidneys

Delivering siRNA Compounds During HOPE to Modulate Organ Function: A Proof-of-concept Study in a Rat Liver Transplant Model

Doxycycline Alters the Porcine Renal Proteome and Degradome during Hypothermic Machine Perfusion

Establishing an economical and widely accessible donation after circulatory death animal abattoir model for lung research using ex vivo lung perfusion

Exploring Porcine Precision-Cut Kidney Slices as a Model for Transplant-Related Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury

Hand dexterity, daily functioning and health-related quality of life in kidney transplant recipients

Hypothermic Machine Perfusion as a National Standard Preservation Method for Deceased Donor Kidneys

Impact of Red Blood Cells on Function and Metabolism of Porcine Deceased Donor Kidneys During Normothermic Machine Perfusion

Kidney utilization in the Netherlands - do we optimally use our donor organs?

Magnetic resonance imaging during warm ex vivo kidney perfusion

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Orgaan krijgt opknapbeurt

Ex vivo modification of donor organs

Kunnen we het tekort aan organen oplossen met deze baanbrekende machine?

Proefdiervrij moet betrouwbaardere en waardevollere wetenschap opleveren

Liever ‘nee’ dan ‘ik weet het niet’ bij orgaandonatie

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