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How to find us prof. dr. G.P. (Jeanne) Mifsud Bonnici

prof. dr. G.P. (Jeanne) Mifsud Bonnici

Professor in European Technology Law and Human Rights
prof. dr. G.P. (Jeanne) Mifsud Bonnici


Commission proposal on the temporary derogation from the e-Privacy Directive for the purpose of fighting online child sexual abuse: Targeted substitute impact assessment

Addressing Cultural Rights in Disaster Management: A Checklist for Disaster Managers

STOP, You’re on Camera: The Evidentiary Admissibility and Probative Value of Digital Records in Europe

Changing Communities, Changing Policing

From the Persuasion of Theory to the Certainty of Law: A Multi-Jurisdictional Analysis of the Law of Community Policing in Europe

Handling and Exchanging Electronic Evidence Across Europe

Introduction: Opportunities and Challenges for Electronic Evidence

New European privacy regulation: Assessing the impact for digital medicine innovations

Securing the Person and Protecting the Data: The Requirement and Implementation of Privacy by Design in Policing Apps

The European Legal Framework on Electronic Evidence: Complex and in Need of Reform

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Donderdag is de Kick-Off Programma Cybersecurity Noord-Nederland

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