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prof. dr. G.P. Mifsud Bonnici

Hoogleraar Europees technologierecht en de rechten van de mens - Rosalind Franklin Fellow

The STeP Research Group, which I co-founded and co-lead, is currently involved in the following European Union funded FP7 and H2020 projects:

(as co-ordinators)

- MAPPING brings together three main themes Internet Governance, Privacy and Intellectual Property -

- CARISMAND aims to deal with the issues of preparedness, response to disasters and after-crisis recovery by focusing on the effects of culture in these

- CITYCoP -  sets out to find out why the EU appears to be lagging behind although Community Policing is nominally a policy which has been put into action in a number of EU countries. It then goes on to develop a solution including a new smartphone app and on-line portal which are capable of being deployed in any European city while still retaining “local flavour” and diversity -

- ESSENTIAL is a Joint Phd Programme bringing together scholars researching on security science -

(as partner)

- SIIP is meant to develop a speaker identification solution that joins multiple speech analytic algorithms such as voiceprints recognition, gender/age/language/accent identification, keyword/ yaxonomy spotting and voice cloning detection. STeP leads the legal, ethical and societal implications research in the project. -

(past projects)

SMART researches the privacy and data protection implications of smart surveillance technologies.  More details on this project can be found here:

- RESPECT addresses the legal, economic and social costs of surveillance technologies.  More details can be found here: 

INGRESS is to research, develop and validate an innovative technology to take fingerprint images by looking at additional biometrics associated with the finger. More details can be found here:

- EVIDENCE researches EU practices and procedures for digital evidence gathering and aims at defining a Common European Framework for application of new technologies in collection, use and exchange of evidence.

- E-CRIME analyses the economic impact of cyber crime and develops concrete measures to manage risks and deter cyber criminals in non-ICT sectors.

- CONSENT looks into consumer privacy issues in online user-generated content services (such as Facebook, Hyves etc.). More details on this project can be found here:

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