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G.P. (Jeanne) Mifsud Bonnici, Prof

Professor in European Technology Law and Human Rights
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The STeP Research Group, which I co-founded and co-lead, is involved in several European Union funded projects

(as co-ordinators)

- ESSENTIAL is a Joint Phd Programme bringing together scholars researching on security science -

(as partner)

- EVIDENCE2E-CODEX is a project which will pilot a new digital exchange model that can be used as part of the European Investigation Order procedures in the EU -

- EXEC complements the work being carried out in the EVIDENCE2E-CODEX project

- ARMOUR aims to address societal polarization caused by the adoption and spread of extremist ideologies by creating an interdisciplinary model of learning helping individual and mainstream communities build resilience to ideologies and behaviours specific to violent extremism -

- MIRROR will develop an integrated platform, as well as a systematic methodology for the comprehensive intermedia analysis of the perception of Europe, the detection of discrepancies between perception of and reality in Europe, and the creation of awareness for the impact of such misconceptions and the resulting threats, including hybrid threats in the context of migration -

- GRACE aims to contribute to the spreading and embedding of Responsible Research and Innovation in the European Research Area -

(past projects)

- MAPPING brings together three main themes Internet Governance, Privacy and Intellectual Property -

- CARISMAND aims to deal with the issues of preparedness, response to disasters and after-crisis recovery by focusing on the effects of culture in these

- CITYCoP -  sets out to find out why the EU appears to be lagging behind although Community Policing is nominally a policy which has been put into action in a number of EU countries. It then goes on to develop a solution including a new smartphone app and on-line portal which are capable of being deployed in any European city while still retaining “local flavour” and diversity -

- SIIP is meant to develop a speaker identification solution that joins multiple speech analytic algorithms such as voiceprints recognition, gender/age/language/accent identification, keyword/ yaxonomy spotting and voice cloning detection. STeP leads the legal, ethical and societal implications research in the project. -

SMART researches the privacy and data protection implications of smart surveillance technologies.  More details on this project can be found here:

- RESPECT addresses the legal, economic and social costs of surveillance technologies.  More details can be found here: 

INGRESS is to research, develop and validate an innovative technology to take fingerprint images by looking at additional biometrics associated with the finger. More details can be found here:

- EVIDENCE researches EU practices and procedures for digital evidence gathering and aims at defining a Common European Framework for application of new technologies in collection, use and exchange of evidence.

- E-CRIME analyses the economic impact of cyber crime and develops concrete measures to manage risks and deter cyber criminals in non-ICT sectors.

- CONSENT looks into consumer privacy issues in online user-generated content services (such as Facebook, Hyves etc.). More details on this project can be found here:

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