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Development of a new pan-European testate amoeba transfer function for reconstructing peatland palaeohydrology

Measurements of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon isotope variability in Sphagnum moss along a micro-topographical gradient in a southern Patagonian peatland

Drivers of Holocene peatland carbon accumulation across a climate gradient in northeastern North America

Simultaneous Simultaneous Determination of Stable Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen Isotopes in Cellulose

A database and synthesis of northern peatland soil properties and Holocene carbon and nitrogen accumulation

Transatlantic distribution of the Alaskan White River Ash

Statistical testing of a new testate amoeba-based transfer function for water-table depth reconstruction on ombrotrophic peatlands in north-eastern Canada and Maine, United States

The impact of high tephra loading on late-Holocene carbon accumulation and vegetation succession in peatland communities

High-precision ultra-distal Holocene tephrochronology in North America

The use of k-values to examine plant 'species signals' in a peat humification record from Newfoundland

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