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prof. dr. G. (Gjalt) de Jong

Professor Sustainable Entrepreneurship in a Circular Economy
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+31 58 205 5000 (Secretary)


Easier said than defined? Conceptualising justice in food system transitions

Back to the sustainable future: The influence of the big five personality traits on consideration of future consequences

De Gruyter handbook of sustainable entrepreneurship research

Foundations of a Sustainable Market Economy: Guiding Principles for Change

Introduction: A general model of sustainable entrepreneurship

Introduction to Part I: Foundations

Stakeholder dynamics in the context of organisational change: On the interplay between exogenous events, stakeholder salience, and institutional logics

Sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem identity construction: The interplay of different types of social-symbolic work

Sustainable entrepreneurship and legitimacy building in protected areas: Overcoming distinctive barriers through activism

The role of volunteers in creating hospitality: Insights from museums

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Er gloort een mooie toekomst voor melkveehouders

Persbericht Ministerie LNV toekenning REGENL programma

Leeuwarder Courant NGF subsidie landbouw transitie

Persbericht RUG en Campus Fryslân

NRC Handelsblad NGF subsidie landbouw transitie

Regeneratieve Landbouw krijgt impuls vanuit nationaal groeifonds

FryslânDOK. Podcast professor Gjalt de Jong

FryslânDOK Prof Gjalt de Jong

Landbouw heeft 'wrotters' nodig om door regels en systemen te breken

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