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How to find us prof. dr. G. (Gjalt) de Jong

prof. dr. G. de Jong

Professor Sustainable Entrepreneurship in a Circular Economy
prof. dr. G. de Jong
+31 58 205 5000 (Secretary)

Mission, vision and strategy

Professor de Jong’s social impact mission/vision/strategy aligns with the observation that the impact of global challenges requires a redesign of production systems and societies towards inclusive circular economies. In a circular economy, the intertwined relationships between economic, ecological, and social virtues are balanced and preserved. Sustainable entrepreneurs are key in the transition towards a circular economy because they generate new products, new services and new business models that contribute to solving the grand societal and transition challenges.

The chair group fosters the design/implementation/management of successful sustainable entrepreneurship and the transition towards a circular economy because (i) it educates a new generation of leadership in the MSc program Sustainable Entrepreneurship, (ii) it inspires and supports existing/new sustainable firms and circular citizenship by means of masterclasses, policy instruments/regional monitors and public debates, and (iii) it generates in-depth and relevant academic knowledge by means of transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary/multi-method research and sustainability/circular economy living labs.

The chair group works with professor de Jong’s general framework of sustainable entrepreneurship in a circular economy encompassing the design (leadership and strategy), implementation (organization, alliances, context and policy), and management (multiple value performance) of sustainable enterprises and their social impact on the transition towards a circular economy. Professor de Jong and his team regularly serve as reviewers for journals and academic seminars in this new academic field.

Research and Valorization

Together with his team, professor de Jong develops the relatively new and establishing field of sustainable entrepreneurship and the circular economy guided by transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary/multi-method research paradigms. The research of his team includes sustainable business models and innovation (Dr. T. Long), social entrepreneurship (Dr. E. Folmer), systems change and circular business models (Dr. N. Faber), cultural heritage (Dr. M. de Jong), interdisciplinary environmental behavior (Dr. B. Unal), social psychology (Dr. J. Geiger), and sustainable teaching and leadership (mr. H. van Polen).

Together with his team and his colleagues, professor de Jong supervises various PhD research projects for which he serves as first promotor including (i) sustainable opportunity and problem recognition (Margo Enthoven joint with Dr. E. Folmer and Dr. B. Unal), (ii) circular business models in social housing associations (Manon Eikelenboom joint with Dr. T. Long), (iii) sustainable hospitality (Femke Vrenegoor joint with professor Cavagnaro), (iv) sustainable entrepreneurship in the protected Wadden sea region (Prowad Link project – Hellen Dawo joint with Dr. T. Long), (v) intention formation in sustainable entrepreneurship (Hendrik Thelken joint with Dr. B. Unal), (vi) social entrepreneurship (Valerija Woudstra joint with Dr. E. Folmer), (viii) interdisciplinary environmental behavior (Can Saral joint with Dr. B. Unal), (ix) circular business models (Jens Kaus joint with Dr. N. Faber), and (x) dynamic capabilities and entrepreneurship in the construction industry (Eric Fath-Kolmes joint with T. Long). Professor de Jong collaborates in the Wageningen University & Research NWO Can-Do-It consortium and serves as a promotor for a Phd project concerning business models in circular agriculture (joint with professor de Boer and Dr. N. Faber).

Professor de Jong supervised as promotor the successful completion of the PhD research of (i) Angela Greco concerning the transformation of existing businesses in sustainable enterprises (joint with Dr. T. Long, 2020) and (ii) Dr. M. de Ritter concerning mission-driven entrepreneurship in ecosystems for sustainable systems change (joint with professor Roobeek, 2019).

Together with his team – and in line with the development stage of the new and establishing field of research –, professor de Jong developed more than 50 conference papers/working papers/journal articles/book chapters to date. His team efforts resulted in a best paper award at the 2019 International New Business Models conference (Eikelenboom/Long/de Jong), a best paper award at the 2019 High Tech Small Firms Conference (Enthoven/de Jong/Unal), and a best paper nomination in the 2018 Academy of Management conference (Eikelenboom/de Jong). Professor de Jong also contributed to the best paper runner up award in the 2018 Strategic Management Society conference (Balogh/Faems/Estrada Vaqeuro/de Jong).

Professor de Jong is the principal investigator recipient of (i) the PhD Prowad Link research grant for sustainable entrepreneurship (€238K, joint with Hellen Dawo and Dr. T. Long), (ii) the PhD business research grant for social housing associations and the circular economy (€210K, joint with Manon Eikelenboom and Dr. T. Long), and (iii) the PhD business research grant for social housing associations and sustainable entrepreneurship (€210K, joint with Angela Greco and Dr. T. Long). He received six full-time and one part-time Faculty PhD grants/scholarships to date (accounting for €1.1M). Professor de Jong initiated and received various grants and in-kind support for research valorization activities including (i) the Circular 11-city Tour Friesland (€55K), (ii) the Monitor Circular Economy Friesland (in-kind subsidy from Province Friesland), and (iii) the Monitor Sustainable Entrepreneurship Northern Netherlands (in-kind subsidy Campus Fryslân). Professor de Jong joined as co-applicant in the successful NWO Can-Do-It grant (joint with professor de Boer/Wageningen University & Research).

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Contact information

Wirdumerdijk 34
8911 CE Leeuwarden
The Netherlands

Campus Fryslan

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+31 58 205 5000 (Secretary)