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Advancing the Age of Cycling

Cycling on the edge: The effects of edge lines, slanted kerbstones, shoulder, and edge strips on cycling behaviour of cyclists older than 50 years

Differences in cycling performance of Dutch and non-Dutch students in the Netherlands

Human factor guidelines for the design of safe in-car traffic information services

A front- and rear-view assistant for older cyclists: evaluations on technical performance, user experience and behaviour

Reading cyclist intentions: Can a lead cyclist’s behaviour be predicted?

Using optical illusions in the shoulder of a cycle path to affect lateral position

Visual map and instruction-based bicycle navigation: a comparison of effects on behaviour

Effecten van diverse typen kantbelijning op fietsgedrag en beleving (bij daglicht en duisternis)

Interactions between older cyclists and other road users

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Radio Interview BNR Nieuwsradio - CRUISer

Smart Bicycle Light System

Do we ‘know’ what other cyclists are about to do?