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Practical matters How to find us dr. F. (Floor) Velthuis, MSc
University Medical Center Groningen

dr. F. (Floor) Velthuis, MSc

Post doc, teacher/trainer personal development of students and PhD's.

Research interests

I am fascinated with change in organizations; how people respond, the dynamics that occur and the complexities of organizing change for those in charge, the change leaders. Although I am interested in all sorts of organizational change processes, my PhD thesis particularly focuses on the complexities of organizing change in medical school’s undergraduate curricula.

Topics: undergraduate curriculum change, medical education, complexity, challenges and strategies of change leaders, situational awareness, governance, the role of local institutional contexts in international curriculum development projects.


Implementing the pharmacy technician role in existing pharmacy settings: Stakeholders views of barriers and facilitators

Educators' experiences with governance in curriculum change processes; a qualitative study using rich pictures

"My right-hand man" versus "We barely make use of them": change leaders talking about educational scientists in curriculum change processes-a Membership Categorization Analysis

Unraveling the complexities of enacting change in undergraduate medical curricula

Navigating the Complexities of Undergraduate Medical Curriculum Change: Change Leaders' Perspectives

Navigeren in de complexiteit van curriculum herziening; het perspectief van de leider.

How to use the work of others

The complexity of medical curriculum renewal in practice; a change leader perspective.

Leadership in curriculum change: Balancing faculty’s resources

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