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Arctic atmospheric mercury: Sources and changes

Exposure radius of a local coal mine in an Arctic coastal system; correlation between PAHs and mercury as a marker for a local mercury source

Linking heterogeneous distribution of radiocaesium in soils and pond sediments in the Fukushima Daiichi exclusion zone to mobility and potential bioavailability

Animals and people in the Netherlands’ past: >50 years of archaeozoology in the Netherlands

Development and application of an updated geospatial distribution model for gridding 2015 global mercury emissions

Veranderingen in een 17de eeuws grafveld op Spitsbergen door dooiende permafrost

The shore is the limit: marine spatial protection in Antarctica under Annex V of the Environmental Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty

Toward an assessment of the global inventory of present-day mercury releases to freshwater environments

Current and future levels of mercury atmospheric pollution on a global scale

Current and future levels of mercury atmospheric pollution on global scale

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SEES.NL Expedition to Spitsbergen