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Using the Selection, Optimization, and Compensation Model of Action-Regulation to Explain College Students’ Grades and Study Satisfaction

Alleviating the Cold-Start Problem in Adaptive Fact Learning Using Bayesian Modelling

Keeping Bystanders Active: Resuscitating Resuscitation Skills

Kickstarting Adaptive Fact Learning Using Bayesian Modelling

Perspectives on Computational Models of Learning and Forgetting

Predicting Performance in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Predictive Validity of a Cognitive Model in a Naturalistic Language Learning Task

Within-Subject Performance on a Real-Life, Complex Task and Traditional Lab Experiments: Measures of Word Learning, Raven Matrices, Tapping, and CPR

Deploying a Model-based Adaptive Fact-Learning System in University Courses

Exploration of the Rate of Forgetting as a Domain-Specific Individual Differences Measure

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