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Is open innovation imprinted on new ventures? The cooperation-inhibiting legacy of authoritarian regimes

The Influence of Internal Barriers on Open Innovation

Too many cooks spoil the broth: on the impact of external advisors on mergers and acquisitions

Entrepreneurship and Well-Being: Accounting for the Heterogeneity of Entrepreneurs

Multistep Knowledge Transfer in Multinational Corporation Networks: When Do Subsidiaries Benefit From Unconnected Sister Alliances?

The influence of internal barriers on open innovation

Strategic resources and smallholder performance at the bottom of the pyramid

Towards ‘Dirty Realism’ in Inequality Research: is Inequality Always Dirty?

Entrepreneurship, human capital, and labor demand: a story of signaling and matching

It Takes at Least Two to Tango: A Population-Level Perspective on Interrelated Patterns of Media Use

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