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drs. F.L.S. (Friso) Timmenga

PhD student
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My area of expertise lies in the exploration of world philosophies and epistemic diversity, with a particular focus on their methodological and educational dimensions. My approach is rooted in continental European philosophy, Latin American liberation philosophy (particularly influenced by Enrique Dussel), and modern Japanese philosophy (particularly the Kyoto School). I’m intrigued by the question of which various modes of thought exist and how their diverse logics can engage with one another creatively and ethically. Through my scholarly pursuits and experience in education, my goal is to foster a more diverse and decolonized philosophical landscape. To achieve this, I actively disseminate my findings through public engagements like talks and philosophical blog posts across various platforms, thus reaching out to a broader audience.

Other positions

Editor at 'Bij Nader Inzien' (, Face of Science at KNAW and NEMO Kennislink (
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Wirdumerdijk 34
8911 CE Leeuwarden
The Netherlands