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Advances in mortality forecasting: introduction

Maximum human lifespan may increase to 125 years

The contribution of alcohol to the East-West life expectancy gap in Europe from 1990 onward

The future of smoking-attributable mortality: The case of England & Wales, Denmark and the Netherlands

Including the smoking epidemic in internationally coherent mortality projections

ICD coding changes and discontinuities in trends in cause-specific mortality in six European countries, 1950-99

Alcohol and educational inequalities: Hazardous drinking prevalence and all-cause mortality by hazardous drinking group in people aged 50 and older in Europe

Can changes in education alter future population ageing in Asia and Europe?

Early-life exposure to economic stress and metabolic risks in young adulthood: the children of the reunification in East Germany

The progression of the tobacco epidemic in India on the national and regional level, 1998-2016

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Attention for the PhD thesis by Nikoletta Vidra at the Voeding Online (in Dutch)

Attention for the PhD thesis by Sergi Trias Llimos by GGZtotaal

Schlechtes Lebensumfeld - schlechte Gesundheit

Interview jongerenkrant 7days on future life expectancy

Research Nature paper cited in ConsuMed: "Record oudste mens sneuvelt binnen vijf jaar"

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