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Advances in mortality forecasting: introduction

Maximum human lifespan may increase to 125 years

The contribution of alcohol to the East-West life expectancy gap in Europe from 1990 onward

The future of smoking-attributable mortality: The case of England & Wales, Denmark and the Netherlands

Including the smoking epidemic in internationally coherent mortality projections

ICD coding changes and discontinuities in trends in cause-specific mortality in six European countries, 1950-99

The role of smoking in country differences in life expectancy across Europe, 1985-2014

Alcohol and educational inequalities: Hazardous drinking prevalence and all-cause mortality by hazardous drinking group in people aged 50 and older in Europe

Can changes in education alter future population ageing in Asia and Europe?

Changing contribution of smoking to the sex differences in life expectancy in Europe, 1950-2014

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Attention for the PhD thesis by Nikoletta Vidra at the Voeding Online (in Dutch)

Attention for the PhD thesis by Sergi Trias Llimos by GGZtotaal

Schlechtes Lebensumfeld - schlechte Gesundheit

Interview jongerenkrant 7days on future life expectancy

Research Nature paper cited in ConsuMed: "Record oudste mens sneuvelt binnen vijf jaar"

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