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Pigs and polities in Iron Age and Roman Anatolia: An interregional zooarchaeological analysis

Agropastoral Economies and Land Use in Bronze Age Western Anatolia

Breaking Boundaries. Connecting the Aegean Bronze Age: Proceedings of the 3rd Scapecon Conference, hosted online at the Groningen Institute for Archaeology on 22 and 29 September and 6 October 2020

Excavations at Tell Fadous-Kfarabida: Preliminary report on the 2106 season of excavations

Honderd jaar archeozoölogie in Groningen

Pigs in Sight: Late Bronze Age Pig Husbandries in the Aegean and Anatolia

Galatians in Gordion: Animal husbandry practices during the Hellenistic period in central Anatolia

Pig husbandry in the Late Bronze Age of Anatolia and the Aegean exemplified with the case study of Kaymakçı, Manisa, western Anatolia

Pigs in the Anatolian Late Bronze Age, 1600-1200 BCE

The Lesser Beasts?: Human-pig relationships in Late Bronze Age Anatolia

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