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Characterizing chromosomal instability-driven cancer evolution and cell fitness at a glance

Chromosomal instability in aneuploid acute lymphoblastic leukemia associates with disease progression

Chronic spindle assembly checkpoint activation causes myelosuppression and gastrointestinal atrophy

Drug-resilient cancer cell phenotype is acquired via polyploidization associated with early stress response coupled to HIF-2α transcriptional regulation

Extra centrosomes delay DNA damage-driven tumorigenesis

MDM2 amplification in rod-shaped chromosomes provides clues to early stages of circularized gene amplification in liposarcoma

Mixed responses to targeted therapy driven by chromosomal instability through p53 dysfunction and genome doubling

Tunable DNMT1 degradation reveals DNMT1/DNMT3B synergy in DNA methylation and genome organization

Weakened APC/C activity at mitotic exit drives cancer vulnerability to KIF18A inhibition

A kinesin-based approach for inducing chromosome-specific mis-segregation in human cells

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Prins Bernhard en BN'ers halen 300.000 op voor lymfeklierkanker

Prins Bernhard en BN'ers halen 300.000 op voor lymfeklierkanker

Protein Associated With Neurodegenerative Diseases Found To Be Linked to Childhood Brain Cancer

Scientists discover that a protein associated with neurodegenerative diseases is also linked to childhood brain cancer

Vier onderzoekers Rijksuniversiteit en UMC Groningen slepen miljoenensubsidie binnen

Drie UMCG-onderzoeken krijgen subsidie van KWF

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