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Practical matters How to find us dr. F. (Fokie) Cnossen

dr. F. (Fokie) Cnossen

Director of Education Ba/Ma Artificial Intelligence/Computational Cognitive Scienceo | Associate Professor Cognitive Engineering

Research interests

Optimising patient safety by improving medical technology and education

My research interests lie in optimising patient safety by applying Cognitive Psychology, Human Factors and Artificial Intelligence to the design of medical devices, including trustworthy AI systems; to improve medical education, especially of medical skills; and to study the effects of stress and workload on medical performance and mental wellbeing in health care professionals.



Explicit teaching in the operating room: Adding the why to the what

Machine learning in anesthesiology: Detecting adverse events in clinical practice

Performance variability in perioperative sentinel events: report on a nationwide data set

The Supervisor's Toolkit: Strategies of Supervisors to Entrust and Regulate Autonomy of Residents in the Operating Room

Development and Evaluation of the Taxonomy of Trauma Leadership Skills-Shortened for Observation and Reflection in Training: A Practical Tool for Observing and Reflecting on Trauma Leadership Performance

Fingerprints of Teaching Interactions: Capturing and Quantifying How Supervisor Regulate Autonomy of Residents in the Operating Room

Mental rotation ability predicts the acquisition of basic endovascular skills

Modeling motivation using goal competition in mental fatigue studies

Qualitative development and content validation of the "SPART" model: a focused ethnography study of observable diagnostic and therapeutic activities in the emergency medical services care process

Residents Think in the "Now" and Supervisors Think Ahead in the Operating Room. A Survey Study About Task Perception of Residents and Supervising Surgeons

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