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How to find us prof. dr. F.A. (Floor) Rink

prof. dr. F.A. Rink

prof. dr. F.A. Rink
+31 50 36 34099 (direct)
+31 50 36 34288 (secretary)

Floor Rink obtained a PhD in social psychology at Leiden University (2005, cum laude). In 2015, she was appointed as full professor of Organizational Behavior at this faculty. In her work, she explains organizational and economic phenomena through psychology theory. Her main lines of research center around work situations that involve intra- and intergroup dynamics, such as responses to diversity, ethical decision making (including governance structures) and status differentiation. Floor's work has received recognition from several (inter) national scientific associations (Dutch Association of Social Psychology, APA & AOM) and is for a large part funded by the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO). Floor's findings have been published in academic journals like Organization Science, Psychological Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes & the Academy of Management Annals. She is currently an Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Journal (2019-2022). To help bridge science and practice, Floor regularly gives public speeches on her research. 

Current research teams within FEB

Diversity & Well Being (a.o. with Michelle Ryan, Teri Kirby, Janka Stoker, Jennifer Jordan & Jessica de Bloom)

PhD students:
  • Dagmar Beudeker (2013)
  • Merly Kosenkranius
  • Edwina Chuk
  • Kyra van Hinsberg

Ethical Decision Making & Governance (a.o. with Janka Stoker, Gerben van der Vegt, Bernard Nijstad, Dennis Veltrop & Laetitia Mulder)

PhD students:
  • Melanie de Waal
  • Maxim Laurijssen
  • Julia Prompeler
  • Fabian Ahrens

Status Differentiation (a.o. with Gerben van der Vegt, Frank Walter, Dries Faems, Isabelle Estrada, Reggy Hooghiemstra & Dennis Veltrop)

PhD students:
  • Yeliz Cantimur (2015) and Joost van de Brake (2019)
  • Roxana Bucur
  • Jacoba Oedzes
  • James Zhang
  • Martin Pit
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Contact information

Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
The Netherlands

Duisenberg building

+31 50 36 34099 (direct)
+31 50 36 34288 (secretary)