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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. F.A. (Frank) Hindriks


The risks of autonomous machines: from responsibility gaps to control gaps

A Research Agenda to Better Understand the Human Dimensions of Energy Transitions

Establishments as Material rather than Immaterial Objects

The Functions of Institutions: Etiology and Teleology

Collective Responsibility and Acting Together

How Social Objects (Fail to) Function

Institutions and Functions

The irreducibility of collective obligations

The mark of the moral: Beyond the sentimentalist turn

Epstein on Groups: Virtues of the Status Account

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In tijden van corona: Een klein sociaal wonder

‘Waarom zoveel woede op sociale media?

Pint of Science: A Vaccine Against Climate Apathy. The Duty to Join Forces.

De Haagsche Verlichtingsborrel. Liefde zonder grenzen? Polyamorie en relatieanarchie.

‘Botsen op de sociale snelweg.’

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