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Blatter Radicals as Bipolar Materials for Symmetrical Redox-Flow Batteries

Neutral Formazan Ligands Bound to the fac-(CO)3Re(I) Fragment: Structural, Spectroscopic, and Computational Studies

Reversible On/Off Switching of Lactide Cyclopolymerization with a Redox-Active Formazanate Ligand

Selective α-Deuteration of Cinnamonitriles using D2O as Deuterium Source

Catalytic Conversion of Nitriles by Metal Pincer Complexes

Manganese(I)-Catalyzed H-P Bond Activation via Metal-Ligand Cooperation

Three-Coordinate Zinc Methyl Complexes with Sterically Demanding Formazanate Ligands

Three-State Switching of an Anthracene Extended Bis-thiaxanthylidene with a Highly Stable Diradical State

Widening the Window of Spin-Crossover Temperatures in Bis(formazanate)iron(II) Complexes via Steric and Noncovalent Interactions

Cation effects on dynamics of ligand-benzylated formazanate boron and aluminium complexes

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