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A 3D view of dwarf galaxies with Gaia and VLT/FLAMES. I. The Sculptor dwarf spheroidal

A high resolution multi-object spectrograph for the VLT: pre-concept design

Forward and back: kinematics of the Palomar 5 tidal tails

The MICADO Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector: Optomechanical design, expected performance and calibration techniques

The search for living worlds and the connection to our cosmic origins


Weighing stars from birth to death: mass determination methods across the HRD

Zero-metallicity Hypernova Uncovered by an Ultra-metal-poor Star in the Sculptor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy

A Fourier optics approach to evaluate the astrometric performance of MICADO

Erratum: The Pristine survey – VI. The first three years of medium-resolution follow-up spectroscopy of Pristine EMP star candidates

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