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Investigating the lateral dose response functions of point detectors in proton beams

Spectral fiber dosimetry with beryllium oxide for quality assurance in hadron radiation therapy

A simple microscopy setup for visualizing cellular responses to DNA damage at particle accelerator facilities

Experimental determination of detector specific lateral dose response functions in proton beams

Footprint and height corrections for UAV-borne gamma-ray spectrometry studies

Optimizing gamma-ray spectrometers for UAV-borne surveys with geophysical applications

Feasibility of quasi-prompt PET-based range verification in proton therapy

Real-Time PET Imaging for Range Verification of Helium Radiotherapy

SEU characterization of commercial and custom-designed SRAMs based on 90 nm technology and below

Corrigendum: Short-lived positron emitters in beam-on PET imaging during proton therapy (2015 Phys. Med. Biol. 60 8923)

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Proton beam radiotherapy. Getting the patient into focus.

Protonentherapie. Het nauwkeuriger maken van protonentherapie.