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prof. dr. E.P. (Eugène) van Puijenbroek

endowed professor of pharmacovigilance
Profile picture of prof. dr. E.P. (Eugène) van Puijenbroek
Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre Lareb:
+31 73 646 9700 (Secretariaat)


Burden of non-serious infections during biological use for rheumatoid arthritis

Improving Data Collection in Pregnancy Safety Studies: Towards Standardisation of Data Elements in Pregnancy Reports from Public and Private Partners, A Contribution from the ConcePTION Project

Medication errors by caregivers in the homes of children discharged from a pediatric department in Ghana

Peer Review in Pharmacovigilance: Lens on Disproportionality Analysis

Validation of a Novel Method to Assess the Clinical Quality of Information in Pregnancy-Related Pharmacovigilance Case Reports: A ConcePTION Project

A case series of bacillus Calmette-Guérin scar reactivation after administration of both mRNA and viral vector COVID-19 vaccines

Core Data Elements for Pregnancy Pharmacovigilance Studies Using Primary Source Data Collection Methods: Recommendations from the IMI ConcePTION Project

Development of a Framework Structuring Themes in the Course of Adverse Drug Reactions from a Patient's Perspective

Dilemma of belimumab therapy (dis)continuation during pregnancy: Results of a retrospective study in eudravigilance

Disease-specific ADRs of TNF-α inhibitors as reported by patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases: a registry-based prospective multicenter cohort study

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Hoe weet je of een depressie het gevolg is van medicatie?