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Correlation between Histopathological Prognostic Tumor Characteristics and [18F]FDG Uptake in Corresponding Metastases in Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Breast Cancer

Longitudinal gut microbiome changes in immune checkpoint blockade-treated advanced melanoma

Molecular imaging predicts lack of T-DM1 response in advanced HER2-positive breast cancer (final results of ZEPHIR trial)

[18F]FDG and [18F]FES PET/CT Imaging as a Biomarker for Therapy Effect in Patients with Metastatic ER+ Breast Cancer Undergoing Treatment with Rintodestrant

Abstract 5611: LAG-3 PET imaging in patients with cancer before immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy

Appropriate Use Criteria for Estrogen Receptor-Targeted PET Imaging with 16α-18F-Fluoro-17β-Fluoroestradiol.

Assessing the role of tumour-associated macrophage subsets in breast cancer subtypes using digital image analysis

Association of a Mediterranean Diet With Outcomes for Patients Treated With Immune Checkpoint Blockade for Advanced Melanoma

Changes in survival in de novo metastatic cancer in an era of new medicines

ESMO-Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale for haematological malignancies (ESMO-MCBS:H) version 1.0

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Van Laarhoven nieuw lid raad van toezicht IKNL

Whole-Body PET Scans Highlight Complexity of Immunotherapy Response

Whole Body Scans May Help Reveal Which Patients Will Respond to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Study Maps Body’s Response to Checkpoint Inhibitors

Whole body scan shows the complexity of the immunotherapy response

Vaccinatie tegen coronavirus werkt goed tijdens behandeling van solide tumoren

Der Corona-Impfstoff wirkt gut bei der Behandlung von soliden Tumoren

Tijdens behandeling van solide tumoren werkt het coronavaccin goed

UMCG: „Corona-Impfung funktioniert gut bei der Behandlung von Tumoren in Organen oder Gewebe“

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