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Correlation between Histopathological Prognostic Tumor Characteristics and [18F]FDG Uptake in Corresponding Metastases in Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Breast Cancer

Effects of the adenosine A2A receptor antagonist KW6002 on the dopaminergic system, motor performance, and neuroinflammation in a rat model of Parkinson's disease.

Pharmacokinetic Analysis of [18F]FES PET in the Human Brain and Pituitary Gland.

Short-latency afferent inhibition as a biomarker of cholinergic degeneration compared to PET imaging in Parkinson's disease

Antiviral treatment in schizophrenia: a randomized pilot PET study on the effects of valaciclovir on neuroinflammation

Maternal infection during pregnancy aggravates the behavioral response to an immune challenge during adolescence in female rats

Molecular imaging as biomarker for treatment response and outcome in breast cancer

Non-invasive kinetic modelling approaches for quantitative analysis of brain PET studies

Perinatal exposure to the immune-suppressant di-n-octyltin dichloride affects brain development in rats

PET imaging of animal models with depressive-like phenotypes

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Moleculaire processen zichtbaar maken met PET