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Allosteric Interactions between Adenosine A2A and Dopamine D2 Receptors in Heteromeric Complexes: Biochemical and Pharmacological Characteristics, and Opportunities for PET Imaging

Myelin quantification with MRI: A systematic review of accuracy and reproducibility

PET and SPECT in Neurology (Second Edition)

PET and SPECT in Psychiatry (Second Edition)

PET and SPECT of Neurobiological Systems (Second Edition)

Serial [F-18]-FDHT-PET to predict bicalutamide efficacy in patients with androgen receptor positive metastatic breast cancer

Synthesis and evaluation of 18F-enzalutamide, a new radioligand for PET Imaging of Androgen Receptors: A comparison with 16β-18F-fluoro-5α-dihydrotestosterone

Application of PET Tracers in Molecular Imaging for Breast Cancer

Changes in D 2R and SERT Availability in the Rat Brain After Depressive-like Behavior Recovery in the Repeated Social Defeat Model

Chronic harmine treatment has a delayed effect on mobility in control and socially defeated rats

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Moleculaire processen zichtbaar maken met PET