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Allosteric Interactions between Adenosine A2A and Dopamine D2 Receptors in Heteromeric Complexes: Biochemical and Pharmacological Characteristics, and Opportunities for PET Imaging

Analyzing the Estrogen Receptor Status of Liver Metastases with [18F]-FES-PET in Patients with Breast Cancer

Detection of Dural Metastases Before the Onset of Clinical Symptoms by 16 alpha-[F-18]Fluoro-17 beta-Estradiol PET in a Patient With Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer

Influence of the A2A antagonist KW6002 on dopaminergic system, motor functioning and neuroinflammation in a rodent model of Parkinson's disease

Interleukin-2 PET imaging in patients with metastatic melanoma before and during immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy

Is cyclooxygenase-1 involved in neuroinflammation?

Kinetics and 28-day test-retest repeatability and reproducibility of [C-11]UCB-J PET brain imaging

Measuring H3 receptor occupancy of the experimental anti-Parkinsonian drug AG0029, using [11C]GSK-189254 and PET

Myelin quantification with MRI: A systematic review of accuracy and reproducibility

On the role of brain Imaging in drug development for psychiatry

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Moleculaire processen zichtbaar maken met PET