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A Subthreshold Second-Order Integration Circuit for Versatile Synaptic Alpha Kernel and Trace Generation

Closed-loop sound source localization in neuromorphic systems

Fall detection with event-based data: A case study

Robust Spiking Attractor Networks with a Hard Winner-Take-All Neuron Circuit

Synaptic Normalisation for On-Chip Learning in Analog CMOS Spiking Neural Networks

An Event-Based Digital Time Difference Encoder Model Implementation for Neuromorphic Systems

Finding the Gap: Neuromorphic Motion Vision in Cluttered Environments

Hybrid SNN-ANN: Energy-Efficient Classification and Object Detection for Event-Based Vision

Impact of spiking neurons leakages and network recurrences on event-based spatio-temporal pattern recognition

Skin inspired flexible and stretchable electrospun carbon nanofiber sensors for neuromorphic sensing

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