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Skin inspired flexible and stretchable electrospun carbon nanofiber sensors for neuromorphic sensing

A Hardware-friendly Neuromorphic Spiking Neural Network for Frequency Detection and Fine Texture Decoding

An Event-Based Digital Time Difference Encoder Model Implementation for Neuromorphic Systems

Artificial Bio-inspired Tactile Receptive Fields for Edge Orientation Classification

Ferroelectric Tunneling Junctions for Edge Computing

Touch in Robots: A Neuromorphic Approach

A recipe for creating ideal hybrid memristive-CMOS neuromorphic processing systems

A Spiking Recurrent Neural Network with Phase Change Memory Synapses for Decision Making

A Spiking Recurrent Neural Network With Phase-Change Memory Neurons and Synapses for the Accelerated Solution of Constraint Satisfaction Problems

ED-BioRob: A Neuromorphic Robotic Arm With FPGA-Based Infrastructure for Bio-Inspired Spiking Motor Controllers

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