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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. E.A. (Eddy) van der Zee


Influencing cognitive performance via social interactions: A novel therapeutic approach for brain disorders based on neuroanatomical mapping?

Short-term effects of side-alternating Whole-Body Vibration on cognitive function of young adults

Whole-body vibration ameliorates glial pathological changes in the hippocampus of hAPP transgenic mice, but does not affect plaque load

Beneficial effects of whole-body vibration exercise for brain disorders in experimental studies with animal models: A systematic review

Chronic whole body vibration ameliorates hippocampal neuroinflammation, anxiety-like behavior, memory functions and motor performance in aged male rats dose dependently

Gut-microbiome composition in response to phenylketonuria depends on dietary phenylalanine in BTBR Pahenu2 mice

Potential of Whole-Body Vibration in Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Human and Animal Studies

Sex dimorphism in isoproterenol-induced cardiac damage associated neuroinflammation and behavior in old rats

The effects of exercise training on heart, brain and behavior, in the isoproterenol-induced cardiac infarct model in middle-aged female rats

The increasing importance of LNAA supplementation in phenylketonuria at higher plasma phenylalanine concentrations

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Zo koppelt je brein geuren en muziek aan herinneringen

Balancing behavior and the microbiome: Meet Els van der Goot

Selective manipulation of specific receptors may pave way for new MS therapies

Katja's Bodyscan: Katja op de trilplaat

Doelloos rennen de muizen in de duinen

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