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How to find us prof. dr. E.A. (Eddy) van der Zee


Altered social behavior in APP-transgenic J20 mice

The continued need for animals to advance brain research

A microbial community ecology perspective on the gut-microbiome-brain axis

Effects of low- and high-intensity physical exercise on physical and cognitive function in older persons with dementia: A randomized controlled trial

Elucidating the role of protein synthesis in hippocampus-dependent memory consolidation across the day and night

Potential application of whole body vibration exercise for improving the clinical conditions of COVID-19 infected individuals: A narrative review from the World Association of Vibration Exercise Experts (WAVEX) panel

Towards reporting guidelines of research using whole-body vibration as training or treatment regimen in human subjects: A Delphi consensus study

Vibration detection: its function and recent advances in medical applications

A brief period of sleep deprivation causes spine loss in the dentate gyrus of mice

Bewegen met dementie: Module 'Passief bewegen'

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Balancing behavior and the microbiome: Meet Els van der Goot

Selective manipulation of specific receptors may pave way for new MS therapies

Grant for ‘passive exercise’ for dementia patients

Katja's Bodyscan: Katja op de trilplaat

Doelloos rennen de muizen in de duinen

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