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How to find us prof. dr. E.A. (Edwin A.) Valentijn

Research interests

Coordinating the Target project  (chair steering committee Target Fieldlab) and leading OmegaCEN a National datacenter for wide field astronomical imaging, funded by the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy NOVA.

OmegaCEN is building and supporting advanced Survey Information Systems. At the center, ~17 staff and PhDs are involved in research and development of data basing and processing of very large data sets. Founder of OmegaCEN (2002), Astro-WISE (2001), Target (2008), Target Holding bv (2009), Intrinfo (2009),  Infoversum Foundation ( 2012),  now DOTliveplanetarium(2017)


Bright galaxy sample in the Kilo-Degree Survey Data Release 4: selection, photometric redshifts, and physical properties

Euclid: Effect of sample covariance on the number counts of galaxy clusters

Euclid preparation: XII. Optimizing the photometric sample of the Euclid survey for galaxy clustering and galaxy-galaxy lensing analyses

Euclid preparation: XI. Mean redshift determination from galaxy redshift probabilities for cosmic shear tomography

KiDS-1000 catalogue: Weak gravitational lensing shear measurements

KiDS-1000 Cosmology: Cosmic shear constraints and comparison between two point statistics

KiDS-1000 Cosmology: Multi-probe weak gravitational lensing and spectroscopic galaxy clustering constraints

The Fornax Deep Survey (FDS) with the VST XI. The search for signs of preprocessing between the Fornax main cluster and Fornax A group

Ultra-compact dwarfs beyond the centre of the Fornax galaxy cluster: Hints of UCD formation in low-density environments: Hints of UCD formation in low-density environments

Corrigendum: The Fornax Deep Survey with the VSTIV. A size and magnitude limited catalog of dwarf galaxies in the area of the Fornax cluster (vol 57, pg 631, 2018)

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