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Team Educational Innovation & Evaluation

Address:Nettelbosje 1
9747 AJ Groningen
The Netherlands


Arrindell, drs. E.C.I.
Educational Advisor
Beek, dr. M. ter
Educational advisor, trainer, and UTQ supervisor; Embedded Expert Faculty of Arts; team lead team Educational Staff Development (ESI)
Beldhuis, dr. H.J.A.
team Educational Design and Development
Bouma, dr. E.M.C.
Institutional researcher
Deinum, dr. J.F.
Senior educational advisor and research
Douwes-van Ark, I.M.E.
Educational Developer
Engels, dr. M.C.
Educational researcher, advisor & trainer
Koopal, drs. W.Y.
Team Educational Design and Development (TEDD)
Nijenkamp, dr. R.
Researcher Educational Quality and Evaluations
Spits, drs. T.
MOOC Coordinator, Online learning design specialist
Vermue, C.E., MSc
Institutional Researcher
Wilts, K., MSc
Institutional Researcher / Consultation Coordinator
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