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Team Assessment Support

Address:Nettelbosje 1
9747 AJ Groningen
The Netherlands


Boer, J.A. de, MA
Teamlead team Assessment Support / Project coordinator new learning environment
Es, drs. D. van
Statistical officer Exams and assessment
Feringa, R.M.H., MA
Coordinator Central Surveillance Pool
Huizinga, M.
Assessment Support
Jong, drs. E. de
Assessment support
Jong, Y. de, MSc
Assessment Support
Koning, F.S. de, MA
Exam Support CIT - Trainer Intercultural Competence
Maassen, drs. A.J.M.
exam support/processing and educational development
Terlaak, R.G., MSc
Assessment Support
Venema, drs. I.A.
Assessment Support
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