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Nanomaterials-Based Bioinspired Next Generation Wearable Sensors: A State-of-the-Art Review

Tuning the crystallinity of titanium nitride on copper-embedded carbon nanofiber interlayers for accelerated electrochemical kinetics in lithium–sulfur batteries

Degradable PVAc-graphene nanofibrous membrane for flexible piezocapacitive sensors

Fabric-like electrospun PVAc-graphene nanofiber webs as wearable and degradable piezocapacitive sensors

An Inkjet-Printed Piezoresistive Bidirectional Flow Sensor

Fabric-Like Pvac-Graphene Nanofiber Capacitive Pressure Sensors For Next-Generation Wearables

Interfacing biomimetics and nanomaterials for next generation wearables

Piezoresistive 3D graphene-PDMS spongy pressure sensors for IoT enabled wearables and smart products

Skin-Inspired Flexible and Stretchable Electrospun Carbon Nanofiber Sensors for Neuromorphic Sensing

Electrospun Bundled Carbon Nanofibers for Skin-Inspired Tactile Sensing, Proprioception and Gesture Tracking Applications

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The Smart Sensors of Kottapalli - By Touch

Wearable Sensors in Fabric May Help Monitor Disease Progression

Skin-inspired sensors show how our body moves

Skin-inspired sensors show how our body moves

Skin-inspired sensors show how our body moves

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