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How to find us D. (Debarun) Sengupta, MSc


Electrospun Bundled Carbon Nanofibers for Skin-Inspired Tactile Sensing, Proprioception and Gesture Tracking Applications

Wearable nanofiber-based triboelectric nanogenerator for body motion energy harvesting

A Low-Cost Lung Monitoring Point-Of-Care Device Based On A Flexible Piezoresistive Flow Sensor

Flexible Graphene-on-PDMS Sensor for Human Motion Monitoring Applications

Piezoresistive Carbon Nanofiber-Based Cilia-Inspired Flow Sensor

Single and bundled carbon nanofibers as ultralightweight and flexible piezoresistive sensors

Ultralight Weight Piezoresistive Spongy Graphene Sensors for Human Gait Monitoring Applications

Flexible and Wearable Piezoelectric Nanogenerators

Nature-Inspired Self-Powered Sensors and Energy Harvesters

Self-Powered and Soft Polymer MEMS/NEMS Devices

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