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Heeding Supply Chain Disruption Warnings: When And How Do Cross‐Functional Teams Ensure Firm Robustness?

How can suppliers increase their buyers’ CSR engagement: the role of internal and relational factors

Resilience in interorganizational networks: Dealing with day-to-day disruptions in critical infrastructures

The effect of production system characteristics on resilience capabilities: a multiple case study

Designing digital public service supply chains: Four country-based cases in criminal justice

On publicness theory and its implications for supply chain integration: The case of criminal justice supply chains

Proactively and reactively managing risks through sales & operations planning

Servitization for consumer products: an empirical exploration of challenges and benefits for supply chain partners

A multi-theory perspective on enablers of inter-organizational information and communication technology: A comparison of China and the Netherlands

Dealing with the unpredictable: supply chain resilience

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